What do you need to know about #scrapbooking

Written by: Tiffany@UNNE TEAM 🌷

Scrapbooking – it is a creative way to preserve your memories, write down your inspirations and dreams, cherish your lovely relationships, or simply to express yourself. 

Maybe you’ve tried it already in your diary book, to glue the flight tickets when you went to see your loved ones last year, or just can’t get rid of that Lieferando receipt because that was the best pizza you ever had with your best friend at 3am. 

Then it’s perfect keep a scrapbook to preserve and decorate your memories, and here is how you can start:

First we need to check what do you need for scrapbooking: 

  • A piece of paper 😉

That old sketch notebook you bought 3 years ago will do. It’s better to use card paper so that the paper can hold the glue and colour.  

  • Some glue 🖍

Liquid glue, glue tapes or glue dots.

  • Scissors or cutters ⚔️

They will come handy when you want to cut the picture/photo to the right size you wish.

  • Journaling Pens 🎨

Adding some colors to your scrapbook, use the gel pens, marker pens, brush pens… everything you like! 

Here you can check out our selection of the pens and tools:

  • Sticker, Patterned Papers and Washi Tapes! 🎟
stationary colorful pen supply for scrapbooking and bujo

Here comes the major creative partners for your scrapbooking! Use the Washi Tapes to build up a frame for your layout, let the patterned paper be the background of your page… and add that sticker to highlight the color.

Open up your mind and imagination, you can create everything you want with those tools! 

Check out our sticker selections here:

When you start, layout all the materials you have, and try to place them into different layers or positions. See how the materials interact with each other, play around with your arrangement and let the inspiration flow.

Once you start scrapbooking, you will find there are endless possibilities with your creativity. At UNNE, we supply the best selection of Scrapbook tools and equipment, and we hope you have fun with your creations!

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Enjoy creating!