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UNNE – Unnecessary Necessities

UNNE is created by 2 founders, who believe that we all need somethings to bright us our daily life!
We focus on pop culture and anime culture, to bring
the most original and trendy Asian brands to you.
Each month we will go to Comic Cons to meet our friends offline! Make sure you follow us to check our products!

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Heaven Official’s Blessing #TGCF

UNNE offers the official Heaven Official’s Blessing collection! (very official 😂)

“Body in abyss, heart in paradise.”

—— Xie Lian

Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation


UNNE offers the official grandmaster of demonic cultivation collection!

“The face doesn’t mean anything, listen to the heartbeat.”

“Everyday, means everyday.”

—— Lan Wangji

Get inspired!

We love to create like you. Check our blog with #inspos out.

  • Washi Tape
    For your creative Designs Introduction Washi tape is the king of the DIY world. It’s used to jazz up everything from personal journals to picture frames. But you may be wondering: What is washi tape? It’s an easy-to-use, decorative paper tape with endless possibilities for crafting. If that description makes you want to run out and buy a bunch of …
  • Bullet Journaling
    Start your #bujo Journey Introduction Bullet journaling is a type of journal where you can keep track of everything under the sun. It’s often used as a planner, but it goes well beyond that: a bullet journal lets you plan your day, set reminders, and even track daily tasks. What is Bullet Journaling? Bullet Journaling is a creative, customizable journal …

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